Special Olympics Azerbaijan
Report-election conference of the Special Olympic Committee of the Republic of Azerbaijan was held on February 28, 2020 in the conference hall of the Baku Sports Palace.
28 February 2020
Qualifying Handball tournaments around the country among the boys of the Special Olympics Azerbaijan
20 February 2020
Qualifying competitions around the country of the Special Olympics Azerbaijan within the III National Games in 2020 has been started.
14 February 2020
On December 24, the Youth Innovation Project was launched by the Azerbaijan Special Olympic Committee, in partnership with the UNEC Inclusive Education Center and the UNEC Student Trade Union.
24 December 2019
Gender equality and access to sexual and reproductive health rights and services are extremely important for women and youth with special needs.
18 September 2019

The Special Olympics Azerbaijan male football team departed for the "Lithuanica Cup" Special Olympics International Unified Football Tournament, which will be held in Kaunas,Lithuania on 25-28 June 2019.

28 June 2019
According to the calendar plan of sporting events in 2019, the held the Republican selection competitions of Special Olympics Azerbaijan on 5 types of sports during the spring season in May-June.
19 June 2019
An international football tournament in the Netherlands,Tilburg on May 24-26, 2019.
29 May 2019
Republican qualifying rounds.
7 May 2019
Results of the Special Olympics World Games 2019
22 March 2019
Opening Ceremony of the Special Olympics World Games 2019
14 March 2019
Competitions devoted to the March 5 – Physical Education and Sports Day
5 March 2019
Meeting the athletes for the Special Olympics World Summer Games, Abu Dhabi
4 March 2019
Baku Olympic Stadium to “Light Up” for Special Olympics Inclusion Revolution
20 July 2018
Special Olympic European Football Tournament - 2018
27 April 2018
Baku to host the Global Forum of the Special Olympic Young Leaders
4 April 2018
Physical Education and Sport Day events
5 March 2018
The results of the European Unified Volleyball Tournament in Poland
5 September 2017
The Eunice Kennedy Shriver Day
20 July 2017
Gold medals from the Special Olympics World Winter Games
27 March 2017
The international event of Special Olympics Leadership Academy in Baku
8 December 2016
The Official Closing Ceremony of the II National Games
25 May 2016
Results of the Republic Competitions on handball (women) within the II National Games
15 April 2016
Los-Angeles 2015 – Special Olympics World Games. Results.
14 August 2015
National soccer qualifications ended. Men soccer team squad completed.
11 November 2014
The sportsmen won 20 medals at the Special Olympics European Summer Games 2014
25 September 2014

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