Special Olympics Azerbaijan
The III Open National Games of the Special Olympics Ukraine
28 September 2016

The III Open National Games of the Special Olympics Ukraine were held from 15 to 19 September 2016, in Lvov. Sportsmen from the regions of Ukraine, Belgium, England, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and Switzerland took place at the games. The Special Olympics Azerbaijan was represented by 38-person delegation on football, basketball, floorball, swimming and table tennis.

Our sportsmen had the next results:
▪ the floorball team beat the Ukrainian squad by 4:2, and ranked 1st in the strong I division.
▪ the basketball team, in the strong I division, lost to Sweden and Hungary by 8:13 and 4:10 respectively. Henceforth, our basketball players won Ukraine by 13:3 in the game for the 3rd place.
▪ the football team, after drawing with Latvia by 2:2, defeated Lithuania by 4:3 and Hungary by 8:1, and ranked 1st in the strong I division.
▪ the table tennis team was represented by two sportsmen. In the III division Lamiya Ibrahimova beat both of her rivals from Belgium and Poland by 2:1. The subsequent unfortunate loses to players from Switzerland and Ukraine by 0:2 resulted 3rd place for Lamiya. Veliyev Vefadar lost to participants from Belgium, England, Lithuania and Ukraine by 0:2, winning only the player from Poland by 2:1, and got the 5th place as the result of performance beneath his real potential.

▪ the swimmers’ results were better:


Alisaftar Isgandarov V division 25m 1st place
Mirgaib Rasulov I division 50m 1st place
Mahammad Mustafayev I division 50m 4th place
Mahammad Ali III division 50m 1st place


Mahammad Mustafayev I division 2nd place
Mirgaib Rasulov II division 1st place
Mahammad Ali II division 4th place
Alisaftar Isgandarov II division 1st place

▪ relay-races

On relay-races our sportsmen were nominated bronze medals in the I division.

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